Looking to get acquired?

I Provide Direct Intros To My Personal Investors

93% Success Rate

Our exit partners have over 120+ billion dollars in shareholder value
Our personal investor group is up to 374 offices


My name is Franco Ieraci, AKA The SaaS King.

I've exited and raised funds for multiple companies and have the formula to do the same for you. I will provide direct intros to investors in my network and expedite your acquisition in 90 days or less.

Put in the work, be coachable, follow my process, and I will make you a millionaire.

The saas acquire promise

We set you up with our personal network of investors
to buy your company in 90 days or less.

Coaching Expertise

We get you the highest offer in the least amount of time by coaching you on what really matters—Evaluating buyers, Passing due diligence, and moving through Escrow & close like a pro.

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Collaborative Partnerships

You spend more time in your zone of genius while your dedicated M&A advisor evaluates offers for you. We work alongside you at every step with a hands-on, collaborative approach. Your success is our success.

Our Exit Partners

A bespoke exit strategy maximizes the value of your company. That’s our specialty. We will introduce you to our network of investors and schedule a call with them within 72hrs and exit your company in 90 days. By positioning your business attractively in the market, you can exit at the peak of its valuation.

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Are You Ready To Collaborate?

End Result..... We will help you get ACQUIRED

Millionaire Status Awaits!

Our Mission

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You want a life-changing exit. We want to help you achieve that.

It's simple. We provide internal structure, coaching, and organization to prepare you for that exit. Our founder, Franco Ieraci, has raised funds and exited for himself and many other companies.

The goal here is to provide you with financial freedom and make you a millionaire by selling your company. Working with us will expedite that. Franco has the network to sell your business in 90 days or less.

Is this something you can see yourself doing? Committing to us can make you a millionaire and expedite your exit. This is why we do what we do. We are dedicated to giving you the time you need.

We just need to make sure you're ready for millionaire status.